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Photo Gallery - December 2001 

Second Half!

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Gammy (Jordan's mom) and Zeda arrive and find Jonah waiting for them at the hotel. Surprise!





A big jumping hug for Zeda.






Rita getting out of the car - the smile on her face clearly shows how much she is looking forward to her first hug.




A view of Tauranga Harbor from the apartment's terrace.





A view of the Maunganui beach from the apartment's terrace.





Jonah and Gammy relax on the couch watching TV in the apartment they rented for their weeklong stay at Mount Maunganui (Tauranga).





We all play the card game "Look Out For The Shark".





Jonah's friends Emma and Victor at the apartment.





Gammy and Zeda's visit coincided with Channukah. Here is Jonah opening his first present.





From his parents, Jonah got a new bicycle. A two-wheeler with training wheels. Jonah has been begging for a bicycle since we left Seattle without his tricycle.  




Jonah has his first try at riding his new bike, in the apartment. 





Jonah giving his new bicycle a real try out on the boardwalk by the beach.





Go Jonah! 






Yeee Haaaa! He's starting to get the hang of it. Won't be long before we can lose those training wheels.





Jonah's new winter coat, brought from the USA so he can wear it when he gets off the plane when he arrives in New York. 





Jonah in a maze we found on the way to Rotorua on a day trip. 





View of part of the maze from a viewing platform just outside the maze.





A large bull at a "farm show" in Rotorua. The main feature of the show was a sheep shearing demonstration.





Yup, that's Kate milking a cow, from a respectable distance. Jonah watches in rapt fascination.





In Queenstown, on New Zealand's South Island, we stayed in a beautiful hotel with wonderful lake view suites.






A view of Lake Wakatipu from our balcony. 





Another fabulous vista taken from  the hotel.





One more shot of the lake and surrounding mountains.





Harvey and Rita relaxing with morning coffee at the hotel in Queenstown.





Jonah relaxing at the bar in the hotel.






The Shotover Jet boats at the loading pier. The Jet boats are a well-known New Zealand attraction which started here on the Shotover river. Jet boats can now be found throughout the country, though the original is rumoured to be the most exciting.  




The entrance to the canyon on the Shotover where the jet boat rides begin.





The Jet Boat in action.






Kate and Jonah in full jet boat regalia. 






The jet boat entering the canyon. 






The bridge on the Warau River where Bungee Jumping was invented. 





First victim.







A young woman completely horizontal - nice form! 







Kate and Jonah pose in front of a river we stopped at while driving around. 





On the Gondala at Queenstown.






The view of Queenstown from the Gondola.






The Luge track with a gondola car above it.