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Photo Gallery - December 2000 

Pictures with a border can be clicked to see a large version of the image.

Jonah with his friend Spencer at Chula Vista.




Corky and Jack of Hearts at Chula Vista..




Jonah, Dancia and L Dock residents at Chula Vista.




Fred and Kathy all ready to leave Chula Vista.




Jordan's brother Danny (visiting in San Diego) and Jonah reading stories. 




The Infamous Megazord - Jonah's favorite toy.




Kate and Jonah doing school while underway to Mexico.




A US Navy submarine leaving San Diego Harbor right in front of the S/V Queen Jane was an auspicious sign.




Jonah with Submarine in background.




Kate bundled up dreaming of warmth.





Jonah and Kate getting some quality cuddle time.




Jordan's picture of the crack of dawn.





More crack of dawn.




Dolphins playing in our bow wake.




More Dolphins.




FINALLY - approaching Cabo San Lucas.





Kate looking thrilled about being in Mexico.





The Captain driving without a shirt - finally!





Jonah with Iguanas. This photo cost $2!





Jonah frolicking in the water at Playa Amore.