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Photo Gallery - August 2005 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


The Queen Jane with her skirt down. Her bottom has been patched and faired, the topsides are masked to protect while the boot-stripe is repainted a lovely bright blue.







Shot of the stern at the same stage as the previous photo. The white patches are epoxy barrier (hi-build) to cover areas that were ground and filled.








The center board propped up on a pipe and some jackstands.










A yard worker sprays a primer coat of a silver paint designed to form a "tie coat" between the epoxy patches, the blue boot-stripe overspray and the antifouling paint which goes on top of it. It has a nice silvery color.






Kate rolling on the first coat of bottom paint up at the bow. She wore a fashionable ready to wear haz mat protection suit and Oakley sunglasses.








The skipper rolling anti-foul paint.









Jonah has outgrown his new bicycle so we took him to a bike shop and got him this snazzy new one! 








Mom and dad were not satisfied with bicycles, so they got a used car instead. This 1988 Ford Falcon (built in Australia and looks a lot like Japanese cars in the US from that era - probably built by a Japanese company) cost only A$2,400 or about US$1,800. Unfortunately it is a 6 cyl engine and burns a lot of fuel.






We celebrated Kate's birthday shortly after leaving the Norship yard and moving the boat to Yorkey's Knob, about 12 miles North of Cairns.