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Photo Gallery - August 2004

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Jonah's cousin Cole dressed as a pirate. Cole is Jordan's nephew, his sister Debbie's son.







Uncle Danny (Jordan's brother) went to the Bronx Zoo with us while we were in NYC. Thanks to Danny for these photos (our camera broke while we were in the US).






Bison, or American Buffalo, at the zoo.








Sleeping tiger.Shhhh.  Nuff said.









The crew at the zoo.


















Striped horses. No wait, they're Zebras!









Danny, Kate and Jonah (consulting map) walking in the zoo.








This spooky cat was fortunately behind glass when we saw him.








A Polar Bear. He must be sweating in that heavy fur cause it was a very hot day at the zoo.








Unfortunately, Danny's girlfriend wishes to remain anonymous. She is a very famous actress and does not wish her husband to know she is seeing Jordan's brother. I can report, however, that she is a lovely woman and we enjoyed meeting her very much. Ok, the truth - she got her purse stuck to her hair while closing the zipper.








Jonah, Cole and Julia playing at Gammy's house.








The incredible, soon to be famous, Uncle Danny Bigel. Danny has made Jonah an officer in his new comapny, "Bigel Entertainment" and Jonah is hard at work coming up with creative ideas for the new venture.