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Photo Gallery - August 2002 

Second Half!

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.

Cole and Jonah playing in the pool at their Gammy's house in Otis, Mass.






Jordan's sister Debbie and her husband Al Hodys.






Jonah displaying his finger while making an important point.






Debbie, Cole and Al Hodys on the porch at Otis.






Jordan's mom, Rita relaxing on the porch at her house.







Uncle Beegs (Danny) also on the porch.






Debbie taking time off from her normal motherly duties to perform Aunt's duty - bedtime reading to her nephew.





Kate chatting with Paul Hodys (Al's dad) at Rita's 60th Birthday Party.






Harvey's son Scott and his wife Anne behind him, at the party.






Jordan's mom, Rita and her husband Harvey.  Harvey is making a toast to commemorate his wife's 60th birthday.





Make a wish! Blowing out the birthday candles requires the help of both grandsons Jonah and Cole.





Walking to the brunch are (from left) Jordan's cousin Jeff and his wife Allison, Jonah and Danny. 





The Castle at the Cranmore in the Berkshires where Kate's 42nd Birthday Brunch was held.






Paul Hodys and Al (Debbie's husband) at Kate's birthday brunch.






Jonah and Jordan's cousin Jeff.






Jordan and Jonah goofing at the brunch.






Al and Cole approaching the top of the chair lift at Jimminy Peak.






Al and Cole at the end of the Alpine Slide (Luge) at Jimminy Peak.






Jonah climbing the rock wall at Jimminy Peak.







Jonah bouncing on the trampoline ride.






Jonah bouncing again.







Gammy with Cole on her lap.






Danny, Deb and Jordan.






Kate, Danny, Deb, Cole, Jordan and Jonah.






More group family shots - this one with Gammy behind.






Debbie, Cole and Gammy.






Debbie and Cole on the Space Shuttle ride at the playground.






Jonah mugging for the camera with his wonderful, amazing, fabulously loving Uncle Danny (who also helps out by proofing these captions for me when he isn't otherwise occupied in his normal capacity as "star maker").