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Photo Gallery - August 2002 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


Jonah riding his two-wheeler at Vunda Pt. the first time without training wheels!






Jonah with Kate's sister Victoria at the duck pond at the Boston Public Gardens.






Jonah feeding the ducks at the public garden.






Jonah at the FAO Schwartz store in Boston.






Brunch with Kate's mom and sister in Boston.






Jonah watching his cousins Galen and Torrin playing Gameboy.






Kate's brother Chris and his wife Lisa at brunch on Cape Cod.






Kate's family lounging on Cape Cod. Bruce, Kate's brother in law is standing. To Kate's left is her brother Chris and then sisters Vicky and Tita.





The Reiche famiy.  From left: Kate, Vicky, Tita, Mom and Chris seated.






Kate and hr mom on the beach at Cape Cod.






Jonah digging in the sand at Cape Code.







Shuttle bus to the parking lot at Marconi Beach, Cape Cod.






Cole in the bath at Debbie's (Jordan's sister) apartment.






An exhibit of a Greek courtyard in the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art).






The main entrance of the MET.







Another view of the museum. We had a lovely time walking around the museum while Jonah was with his Grandmother.





Debbie and Cole in Deb's apartment. Cole was only a week old when we last saw him.







Kate with Cole and his dad, Al relaxing on the couch at Deb and Al's place.






Jordan standing by the stone fireplace at his grandparents house in upstate New York.






Jonah with his Great Grandmother (Jordan's grandmother) Ruth at her home in upstate New York.





Jonah playing the piano in the big house.






Jordan's grandparents, Ruth and Jack Bigel, with Jonah in their house.






Jordan and his grandmother.






Jonah with his Grandma Barbara (Jordan's step-mom) preparing a fruit plate with blueberries and strawberries in her home.





Kate and Barbara relaxing out at the pool.






Jonah ducking into the house after removing his swimsuit.






Grandma Ruth and Jonah reading.






Jonah with his Great Grandpa Jack.






Jordan and his Grandfather on the couch.






Pizza at the pool with our friends Brian and Dana and their two kids Harry and Sydney.






Jonah with his Grandma Ruth, again. Kate is to her left, most of her anyway.






Jon and Barbara at the Duchess County Fair in Rhinecliff, New York.






An Albino Boa Constrictor (at the state fair).






One of two baby tigers at the county fair.






Jordan and Jonah with a baby tiger on their laps.






Jonah in front of the camel.






Baby pigs suckling. Owwwwweeeeeeee!






Winners in the weird vegetable creature competition.






The New Potato Flag. Very patriotic!






A ride at the carnival. Jonah and Jordan






Jonah riding the race car at the fair.






The Dutchess County Fair from the top of the Ferris Wheel.