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Photo Gallery - August 2001 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


A rainbow to start the month of nice.






Jonah and Kate in the dinghy at Huahine.






Jonah "Skerfing" off the dinghy on his boogieboard. He loved it.





The view of the anchorage in Fare, Huahine from the restaurant by the dinghy dock. A very surreal image with the dark restaurant in the foreground.





Uncle Danny (who paid us a visit for a week) playing dice with Jonah.





High fives after a good roll!






The view from an  anchorage on the NW side of Taha'a with BoraBora in the distance.





The motu behind us from the same anchorage as the above shot. We are anchored here in a 8ft shelf just a few hundred yards from the motu.





Jonah perched on the end of the Zodiac anout to jump in for a swim.





Danny and Jonah "swimming" together.






One of the many great sunset shots we caught while anchored in the lagoon at Taha'a.





A small village church on the West coast of Taha'a.





Danny in the zodiac taking photos of the Queen Jane.





A ship leaving Raiatea via the main pass.





One of the many lovely motus surrounding the lagoon at Taha'a.





More motus on the reef at the northern end of Taha'a's lagoon.





Sunset over BoraBora from the lagoon at Taha'a.





A few moments later. Perhaps what BoraBora looked like thousands of years ago while the volcano was active! Or not.





Our favorite camera shy boy.






Jordan, Jonah and Uncle Danny pose for a shot of the Three Beegs.





A father and his two kids crossing the lagoon at Taha'a during a spell of bad weather.





Clouds over Taha's.






A ship seen in the lagoon on the West side of Taha'a. Apparently she is an "Adventure Cruise Ship".





A plane about to take off from the airstrip at Raiatea.





The impressive North coast of Raiatea showing the flat topped, extinct volcano which helped form the island.





The commerical waterfront at Raiatea. The ferrys dock at the wharf to the left, the fuel dock is to the right.





Captain and Commander pose behind the helm.





A nice Wahoo (Ono) caught between Raiatea and Suvarov.





This image shows the tail of the fish showing evidence of an encounter with a shark. Fortunately we were able to haul him in before he got another chance at it. The fish was dead before it hit the deck. Kate says it died of shock.




The front end of the fish showing the lure used to catch it. Our biggest Wahoo ever! 





One of Jonah's LEGO creations. He said it was "Pegasus". Not bad!





Anchorage island in the Suvarov lagoon.






The view from the cockpit of the Queen Jane at anchor in the lagoon at Suvarov. Notice the submerged reef just 100yds behind us.





Anchorage Island again. The S/V Amoha to the left. The Amoha lost its rudder on the way to Suvarov and spent 4 weeks there making repairs. It took them a week to reach the atoll after losing the rudder only 150 miles from Suvarov.




The Queen Jane underway (with poled out Genoa) passing the island of Olosega, part of American Samoa.






Ofa island, also part of American Samoa. We tried to find a place to anchor at Ofa but could not. Info was very sketchy on the island since it is rarely visited due to its position 80 miles upwind of PagoPago, the only legal port of entry for American Samoa.