Photo Gallery - April 2003 

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Jonah clowns around with a colander on his head. Very original we thought.






Jonah with his new pre-departure haircut.







Jonah with his pals Allison (S/V Noason) and Charlotte (S/V Danza) in the parking lot of the Australian Zoo.





Jonah and his new friend, the goat. The Australian Zoo (owned by famed crocodile hunter Steve Irwin) has an excellent petting area. This is Jonah's second visit since we have been in Australia.





A little "joey" (baby kangaroo) at the zoo.






Jonah and his friend Quinten from S/V Boreal.






Kate relaxing at a beach side bar and grill at Noosa the famous Australian resort community.






View of the estuary on the back side of Noosa at sunse. Taken from the local park. Noosa is on a peninsula, the other side faces the ocean (sort of like Miami Beach).





Jonah and Kate pose with John Boas, a long-lost cousin from the Australian brach of Kate's family. John lives in Melbourne and met with us while he was in the area.






The family in front of a restaurant in Noosa.






Rachel from S/V Horai.






Rachel and Jonah mugging for the camera. We first met Rachel and Ed in Tauranga, New Zealand last year.







One of the high-tech racing boats, "Magnavox" stuck in the mud in her slip at Mooloolaba Yacht Club.






Magnavox placed high in the standings in the Sydney to Mooloolaba race. The MYC sponsers the race along with the Sydney Yacht Club. The water in this slip just isn't deep enough for this massively keeled boat.





The winner of the Sydney to Mooloolaba race, in the fastest class, was "Brindabella". Here she is on the "end tie" leaning over into the channel. Of course, her owner was not pleased.





From this angle you can see her mast leaning way, way over.