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Photo Gallery - April 2002 

Pictures can be clicked to see a large version of the image.


The Queen Jane's new bow pulpit being assembled. Although we had the plans from Shannon for the original pulpit, rather then take a chance of getting it wrong, the welder pre-cut the sections based on the plans then tack welded them together in-situ to ensure a proper fit.



The entire piece was then brought back to the welder's shop where finish welding and polishing was completed, then we bolted it to the boat.





Going away part for "Skive". Standing is Ian, skipper. His wife Erika is seated to his left. SKIVE is on the fast track back to England and will head for Australia via Fiji and then North through Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand before heading across the Indian Ocean for the Red Sea in January.



Jonah aloft in the bosuns chair. Although he loved it, his mother was not fond of watching him in the chair.





One more of Jonah in aloft. The skipper is working the halyard with the anchor windlass foot pedals.






Jonah and Hannah (from SKIVE).






After 4 months of work to restore the Queen Jane, the last thing to install was the roller furler. Here the skipper and Mike McCormick are rigging the forestay with roller furler. 




The Queen Jane at rest with the forestay. Now all we need is the genoa and we are ready to go - Fiji here we come!