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Photo Gallery - April 2001 

Pictures with a border can be clicked to see a large version of the image.

Jonah and Dad mugging for the camera. We are just leaving Mexico. The town of Punta de Mita can be seen in the background.





Kate grinning with excitement at our departure from Mexico for Hiva Oa in the Marquesas Islands.




Kate suspended over the side is removing the paddle from Luke, our Monitor windvane, which broke. Our position at this time was somewhere around 4 degrees N and 128 degrees W, aka the middle of the ocean.



Here she is working hard and staying cool under pressure.




The Queen Jane has a mid-ocean rondezvous with S/V Vallela with Garth and Wendy aboard. We just happened upon them one calm day, so we stopped to chat a bit.




Our Nav Computer displaying the chart with our current position just North of the equator.




Our Nav Computer displaying the chart with our current position just AFTER crossing the equator! 




The Queen Jane flying the chute in light air in mid-ocean.






Jonah resting in the cockpit.





A "Spearfish" (an unusual member of the Billfish family) we caught. We released it because we were intimidated by its size and didn't know if the meat was any good.




A nice 30lb tuna we cought and successfully butchered.




The tuna has been identified from this photo (by Marcus from Pez Vela) as an Oceanic Skipjack. The meat is somewhat darker then I prefer but it was quite good!




Jonah being showered in the cockpit. He seems to be enjoying himself, don't you think?




Yup, he is really loving this!





The Queen Jane sailing Wing and Wing with a poled out jib to port and mainsail to stbd. This combination has been proven over the decades as a tried and true winner. The ocean sailors best friend for downwind sailing. It was so for us as well.



The island of Hiva Oa about 3 miles off. We did not see the island until we were very close due to the heavy cloud cover the day we made landfall.




Jonah outside the Post Office in Atuona the "capital" of Hiva Oa.




The main road in Atuona. The Gendarmerie (Police Station) is seen in this photo at the head of a sharp curve.




The Post Office in Atuona.





Kate in Atuona relaxing in the shade while the Captain shuttles back and forth between the Gendarmerie and the Post Office.




Jonah in costume. He is pretending to be some sort of superhero or something with his cape, his hat and his backpack. We both agree this is the cutest picture of Jonah we can remember seeing.




Sailing into the idyllic and peaceful bay of Hana Moenoa on the island of Tahuata, only 6 miles from Atuona on Hiva Oa.




Entering the bay at Hana Moenoa, Tahuata.





Two dinghies having a "conference".





The luxurious white sand beach at Hana Moenoa. Our first taste of paradise, Hana Moenoa was everything we hoped a Pacific isle should be. Jonah especially enjoyed playing on the deserted beach. Although this photo does not show them, the bay is very popular and usually contains between 6 and 12 boats at a time.



Another great photo of the beach at Hana Moenoa. Beegs, you would have LOVED this beach...




Kate in deep thought working on a watercolor.





Approaching the incredible island of Ua Pou about 60 miles NW of Hiva Oa and Tahuata.




The amazing skyline of Ua Pou. Tall spires, vertical rock faces, incredible ancient volcanic calderas all make Ua Pou's profile unique and startling.




Another shot of Ua Pou during our approach.





CApproaching the bay of Hakah'au the main village and capital of Ua Pou.




The entrance to Hakah'au showing the breakwater which makes the anchorage usable.




The Spires of Ua Pou's interior are without comparison. If I were a rock climber I would think I was looking at Heavan.