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Here are some photos showing the damage done to the Queen Jane after a collision off the coast of New Zeland in December, 2001 and of the boat undergoing repairs at the Bridge Marina in Tauranga, New Zealand. 


The Queen Jane the day after the collision showing damage to the bow and the missing bow platform. 






Another view of the bow damage this one also showing the genoa as lashed tempoarily after the collision.






The Queen Jane's old bow platform, or at least the forward most part of it that was left.






The damaged bow after haul out before work began. 






This shot shows the glass damage sustained by the bow after all the deck hardware and woodwork has been removed. Although you can see the longitudinal bulkhead has been blown out, the actual glass damage is quite minimal. 





The bow after all the crushed and delaminated glass has been removed. You can see here how much had to be removed. The remaining structure is completely sound. 





The Queen Jane's bow after undergoing reconstructive surgery. Its amazing what can be done with fiberglass in the hands of a skilled person.  





The new section of deck has been installed and new caprails are being fitting on both sides of the bow back about 5ft. 







TIn this photo you can see Carl doing the final fitting on the caprail. The bow platform is just "dry fit" for now. 






The Queen Jane's new bow platform is complete but before the deck hardware is replaced, the deck just aft of the platform has to be re-painted. 






The Queen Jane all masked up for painting. The deck areas just abaft the bow platform were damaged by debris slamming up and down in deck after the collision. Primarily this debris consisted of anchors and bow pulpit remnants as well as sections of the bow platform itself. The damages were only gouges and were filled in, sanded and re-painted.





The Queen Jane's foredeck almost back to normal. The boat is in the water. The bow platform done, all the deck hardware back on and the decks painted. We still need a new bow pulpit and a roller furler for the jib. 





The view of the starboard bow after repaired were completed. 






The bow pulpit being constructed on the boat.






Finally the furler goes on and we are good to go!