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Here are some photos of the Queen Jane the day she was finally re-launched in May of 2000.

The Queen Jane coming out of the Shed after 9 months for her first taste since December 1998.





The stern section underbody showing the skeg hung rudder and prop.





A closeup of the aperture and three bladed fixed prop.





The mainmast being prepped by Mark Newbrooke.






A closeup of the masthead fitting. A work of great strength and virtue by the great guys at SparCraft.





Kate, Jordan and John Barr scoping out the run to the slipway.





A last minute chore - no one remembered the dock lines!








The proud owners mug for the camera..






The Christening ceremony will now begin.






Kate prepares to toast the Queen Jane with a glass of the very best Champagne we could find at the supermarket.





The S/V Queen Jane is christened by her new owners!  Long live the Queen!





The final lowering commences!.






She's going down fast! .






Kate gets a little faklempt.






Almost touching! .






A closeup of the foredeck as the boat is being lowered.








Another shot of the foredeck as she's going into the water.






The crew at YachtFish Marine. Antonio, Sergio, Ramon, Alexandro, John Barr, Mark Newbrooke, Zbignew.