December 28, 2004

We have had a lovely time here in Pohnpei. The sail is supposed to be shipped tomorrow. I am ready to move on to another place.

Sad news from the Indian Ocean with the Tsunami. Huge numbers of Yachts gather in Thailand in December and January before making the passage across the Indian Ocean. We are remaining hopeful that all is well with them but are pessimistic that a yacht at anchor would not be devastated by a Tsunami. We know of many yachts in that area currently.

Jonah has had fun since the Yacht “Magic” came in. They have an 11 year old called Beau who seems to enjoy playing with Jonah. “Magic” has been living at the atoll Kapingamarangi for the last 4 years. It is around 400 miles south of Pohnpei. Interesting stories about the place. They love the people and the place and consider it home. I would find the lack of vegetables too much of a hardship after several months. They have gardens to help provide food but its hard to grow stuff on an atoll.

I know I have been here awhile when I know a lot of the taxi drivers.

Our watermaker pump died and we are showering at the fuel dock after dock and hauling water for dishes. We are collecting rain water but it hasn’t been raining much which is weird for here. I am getting used to a bucket shower!

We are having a pretty mellow time hanging out, doing school and random boat jobs. I just finished varnishing the wheel and polishing stainless.

Betel Nut chewing is big here and everyone has red teeth and spits huge globs of red goop. Yuck. People here speak great English as it is the language franca as the Federated States of Micronesia contains many islands who speak different languages. This is very different from the Marshall which share one language (Marshallese) and do not need English as critically as FSM does.