December 26

Today we will leave Chacala. It has been very restful. Yesterday we had a lovely day at the beach. Jonah loves the waves even when they sweep him off his feet. We sit at a palapa (beach restaurant) relaxing and keep an eye on him. Every now and then after a particularly large wave comes, all I see is a little pair of feet then a head bobs up after the feet disapear. He met a little Mexican boy who he kept tackling and wrestling. He was covered in sand – I could not even see the red of his bathing suit.  

The beach was packed with families as it was Christmas Day. We had a lovely lunch. I asked for fish and they brought me two large fresh snappers to pick. They sliced it open, put it on the grill, put a barbeque sauce on it  and it was delicious. It was accompined by tortillas, beans, rice and a very hot salsa.  

I scrubbed the water line yesterday where some grass was growing. In addtion, the water line was all scummy from being at Marinas a lot.  It was a lot of work. The good thing about cleaning the boat is that is makes one examine areas that one normally doesn’t examine. The wood on the cap rail is in good condition except for a couple of areas which need a touch up. The hawse holes (holes in the low cap rail on the edge of the deck) are rusty and are dripping rust onto the topsides – I must polish these soon. Jordan was busy changing the oil on the engine.