December 22

We just spent a lovely 2 days in Brisbane. It is one of the liveliest, fastest growing cities in Australia. The city is green with parks and centered around the river. The city spans the river and there are ferry boats that wisk you across or up and down the river. It makes it an easy way to get around fast. The ferries are fast and convenient. We stayed at the Sheraton and it was fun to get away for a bit.  

The first day we went to their China town and had Yum Cha (Dim Sum). Yummy! Then we walked around the river and took the ferry to the southside which has a park along side the river. We went to a Maritime museum which was the usual fare except they had a WWII frigate that you could climb around on. Jonah was thrilled. They let you sit in the big guns and aim them and pretend. I was exhausted from the heat and let the guys go and explore the engine room. We went back to the hotel exhausted and rested up while we pondered dinner. Jonah was so pumped up with the excitement of the day he was bouncing around the room. We went back to Chinatown for dinner and it was fabulous. Jonah discovered Crispy Duck and sucked the bones dry.  

We went back and I sat in the tub while Jonah went to sleep. I think we are close to the point where a suite is necessary for happy parents. Jordan sat on the sink counter and we planned future possible cruising plans. This involves thinking thru a proposed itinerary to ensure we end up at the right place at the correct time. We are definite on going to New Caledonia and Vanuatu but are considering going to the Marshall Islands for next hurricane season.  

The second day in Brisbane we went to the Queensland Museum and Art Gallery. The museum was awesome for kids – lots of animals, odd exhibits on the Australian environment and historical stuff. The Art gallery had awesome installations by Nam June Paik and other very cool artists. They had a bunch of participatory art stuff for kids and we had a lot of fun.  

I have done something weird to my neck and have stiff shoulders which I am trying to take of by having massages but it isn’t going away. The massassages are lovely and fairly reasonable but I am thinking I might need a chiropractic adjustment.  

We returned from Brisbane on Saturday night. Sunday we went to Steve Irwin’s Australian Zoo. He is the crazy Aussie “Croc Hunter” guy on TV that chases croc’s and poisonous snakes and says “Crikey!”. Very hot and crowded. Jonah loved it. What parents do for their kids! The Croc feeding was pretty impressive and I wonder how many of the guys who do the feedings have scars. He got to pet Kangaroos and get very close to a huge boa constrictor.  

We are back in Mooloolaba and I am going to go to the beach for a swim. As usual the touristing stuff exhausts me thoroughly and I cant wait for a normal day of school and boat stuff. It is Christmas week so all the retail stores are a bit mad – not a good week for shopping.