December 22

We left San Blas around 10am this morning. We had very irregular depth readings which could have been fish or just areas shoaling up. It made me nervous. We motored to Chacala which is around 20 miles south of San Blas. I am still getting used to the heat but I finally wore my bikini while sailing – yahoo! Believe me sitting in foulies being sick and cold is not my idea of sailing.  

Chacala is a tiny little place – mostly Mexicans on vacation, people camping out and staying in small hotels. The Port Captain is not to be found but we checked anyway before walking to the beach from the Dingy landing. We had drinks and some shrimp at a beachside bar. Jordan bought a bunch of lobsters which he is going to make for dinner. Our Spanish is miserable and we had a tough time ordering. These Palapas are like tratorrias – they don’t have a menu. They tell you what they have but they are very flexible. A Mexican customer who spoke English came to our rescue. The beach is pleasant and perfect for kids.  

Jonah seemed to have decided that this was challenge the parents day. A four year old is a very determined creature. He exhausted me today.