December 21

One of the more unexpected part of cruising is when one gets stuck somewhere due to bad weather and waiting for the “parts” that are coming in the mail. In some way since we are waiting for the parts – its great that the weather stinks. At least everyone else isn’t out in the outer atolls having a great time. OF course all the non-essential items got here in a very fast manner including tempera paints for Jonah which took only 7 days from the US. Oh great glad we got those really fast. 

We have been enjoying the social life here. There was a yacht race which we didn’t participate in due but had fun watching as the starting line was right where we are anchored. There was a party after and it was a great deal of fun. The boat “Roxanne” won which is not surprising as they are a very fast racing/cruising boat. I got a pool pass to the hotel for a week and all the kids met every afternoon for play. Six kids total and they had lots of fun. Some conflict but just normal kid stuff. They have Mexican night every Tuesday at a local bar and eatery and all the cruisers show up and it’s lots of fun. 

Its blowing stink again this morning. It was blowing 30 knots and raining while I was making breakfast. I had to do laundry at the hotel since all my towels started molding because they would not dry. I lost a pair of Jordan’s shorts – bummer – the trials of doing laundry in a public place. 

It is already the second night of Hanukkah and Jonah is having a blast. Last night he wanted to know where the Latkes (potato pancakes) were but Jordan had made a Indian feast so we told him that we would do it today. He memorized the prayer for the candle lighting and is very proud of himself. We are going to participate in a Christmas get together with the other cruising boats out at a motu (an island that is part of this atoll) far from town. It will be nice to let the kids ramble around on the beach and the adults can have fun too! We are crossing our fingers for good weather. 

We are doing a lot of memorizing work right now as it is an important part of his school right now. We did the Owl and the Pussy cat and next week we start a new poem. I started a new history component for school called “The Story of the World” as I found Calvert Home school materials a bit thin in that area. It is working out great. We started with learning about Nomads and then the Fertile Crescent. We learned how to weave as part of that chapter. Now we are studying Ancient Egypt and the material is great. We made the double crown of a pharaoh and learnt about Egyptian God and Goddesses. He loved it. I will post pictures next month of him in the crown. Other than that – the Calvert Reading/Writing material is really great and Jonah continues to make huge strides forward in ease of reading. I gave him a book for Hanukkah and instead of begging me to read it, he sat down and read it himself. This is such a big change from six months ago. Its really cool. I bought him a Junior Dictionary and he loves looking words up. The hardest thing he is currently doing is learning how to spell! His cursive is great though so we don’t have to really work on that anymore. He is chomping at the bit in math and I am trying to balance pushing ahead fast and ensuring that he really knows all his fundamentals. The biggest thing is that he is able to abstractly deal with numbers in his head very easily and so much of 2nd Grade math is about accomplishing this so – who knows – we may start third Grade math very soon. I might switch Math programs from Calvert Math to Saxon Math as it is constructed as a self pacing program but should I mess with success? 

Jordan and I are a bit bummed as the longer we stay in Majuro, the less time we have in the outer atolls. We have talked about staying another year but I am unsure if I could deal with that. The best thing about this life is that all plans are completely liquid. I do miss seeing my family though! I wish they could visit us more as we have visited the US three times in the last year and a half. Its hard on our parents as the plane trip is so long and siblings are all working hard at various careers. 

Jonah has been playing all morning long with Lego he got for Hanukkah. He is very happy and engrossed. Ahh.