December 19

Ok so I never finished yesterdays journal cause it got real rough. I had never been in such big seas. Jordan says they were 15 feet but they felt more like 25 when they were towering near the boat. Jonah and I lost our cookies and the Captain barely held his together. I did stand my watches which meant I huddled in the cockpit looking at the huge waves and wincing. It was like a really scary ride at an amusement park but you cant get off. The wind topped out at around 32 knots which with the big waves made it pretty demanding sailing. Reefing the main was interesting. I steered the boat under power into the wind but it was a struggle as the winds were so strong. Jordan did his usual amazing job keeping things under control plus took care of the kid for the first night as I was not up to it.  

The boat is very comfortable considering. She takes the abuse will and rides very securely in the waves. I understand why so many boats in Cabo set off and returned the same day. I thought they were being wusses but they were not. In fact since most of them have lighter and smaller boats, they are definitely courageous. I never expected this part of the trip to be so demanding.  

Everything in the boat is either salty or smells of vomit. I neglected to secure a couple of hatches and we took some water in the boat. No damage except a stain on the settee. Jonah puking in our bed was the worst. Thankfully I have a thick mattress pad which sopped everything up. Poor fella. He is a bit grumpy but considering everything Jordan and I think he is doing great. Mom is the best for cuddling when sick and I had to cuddle the vomit smelling little fella.  

Today the winds and waves have eased up and we are having a fairly pleasant run to San Blas. It is an fairly open anchorage and we will arrive after dark. We are still considering veering off to chew some more time up so we can arrive in the light.