December 13

We woke up this morning and found our dingy gone! Unfortunately since it is the bane of our existence currently with the engine sputtering and the dingy leaking – it was found so we do not have an excuse to buy another. A thief was found breaking aboard another boat whose owner was not currently at home. Jordan went to the police station this morning. I spent some time paging thru the West Marine catalog dreaming of a fast and powerful full dingy. Aah well… 

I went to get my haircut recently and found “Popcorn Delight” ,a lovely transvestite, cuts hair very well indeed. She scolded me for my split ends and gave me the best cut I have had in ages. Since I was alone, I then went shopping for some new dresses since the two dresses I have are getting a bit ratty wearing them everyday. I did surprisingly well as the only decent clothes for ladies are dresses and the price was very good. 

Last night we are Robin McIntire to dinner. She is a doctor here working with Bikini and other atolls who were affected by the nuclear tests. She provides primary care and other care to those folks many of whom currently live in Majuro. In fact the town halls for Bikini and Rongelap are located here as the atolls are still uninhabitable. The medical group for whom she works just lost funding and so they are scrambling to continue coverage until new funding appears. She is a Kiwi who used to live on a boat but now is living on land. She is very sweet and helpful. I really enjoy Kiwis as they tend to be fairly mellow and laidback. Robin helped me update my med kit which was great so I could dump all my expired meds. Usually expired meds last a while except in the tropics where the average storage unit for meds is kept at around 95 degrees Fahrenheit (28 Celsius). I talked to the pharmacist who was a lovely expat Aussie gentleman and he was pretty firm in the replacing of outdated meds. 

We are unsure as to our departure date as we are still waiting on a package that contains a part for our generator. Packages seem to take 5 days or 3 weeks depending on some unknown factor. As soon as it arrives we will probably leave and try to have other stuff sent to Kwajalein if possible. I am still waiting on two other boxes of non-critical stuff. I am pretty much fully provisioned except for vegetables which we are going to get next week.