December 13

Today was Friday the 13th.  Lucky us and we are in slip 13. I think the two negate each other.  

We have been getting into a rhythm here at Mooloolaba. I have been doing school every day as we had fallen behind in the reading work from too many skipped days in September and October. When we are “out” – ie. cruising islands and sailing a lot – we tend to do school when we can but there is often other things to do. We make up the work when we are in a marina during the hurricane season. The biggest problem with an irregular schedule is that it is harder to get him to focus. We have made great progress here since we do school five days a week. It helps that he knows all his new friends on boats in the marina are doing the same and no one can play until they are done with school. We take around 2 hours to do school and this includes a 15 minute break. Jonah just passed a big reading test and did awesomely on it. Math is going great and we around 2 months ahead in Math.  

The people here are nice and we have been enjoying the socializing. I don’t really have a close girlfriends as I had in Tauranga but there are some women I know that are here and it is nice to hang out and chat chick stuff on occasion. Tamara from Rainsong and I went to the beach with Jonah yesterday and had a lovely time.  

Last night there was a live-aboard BBQ at the Yacht Club. It was fun to see everyone and Jonah had a blast as there was tons of kids. Most of the kids are a bit older – ranging from 8 to 16. Jonah was getting teased because he spends a lot of time with Charlotte,7 yrs old, from the boat Danza. Some little boy was saying Jonah loves Charlotte and Jonah was shouting “No I like her not love her!” and then swung a punch at the boy. Everyone was laughing because it was so cute. Dad carried Jonah away. Charlotte does come over a lot but only when other girls are unavailable to play. Jonah doesn’t care. They had their first fight today but I think they made up – Jonah was being too bossy about Lego.   

I did some redesign work on our website today just to freshen it up for our loyal readers. Nothing major – just visuals.