December 12

Today things got much better. Yesterday was hell. Handsteering in the rain because there wasn’t enough wind for the wind vane or the auto pilot is not my idea of a fun day. I was determined that we get at least 3 or 4 knots – I was not going to sit and bob. Hardest day of sailing ever. We were actually wishing for a storm! We finally brought the sails in and just climbed into bed to get sleep. My hands hurt from pulling on lines plus they were all pruney from being wet all day. I must raised and dropped the mizzen 5 times not to mention the Geneoa – no main as we were still going downwind. My back feel tired. I really need a couple of days just to chill and relax.   

The Captain has been suffering from fatigue and does not take advantage of napping. There is always email to write or talking on the Ham. Thankfully he finally crashed. He was getting grumpy ie lots of yelling.  

I took the best shower I have ever had last night – or why is it after 3 hard days – a hot shower is amazing.  

Jonah slept with in our bed last night as I was on deck on watch and I ignored him most of the day. We finally changed his pajamas which he has worn for the last 3 days, night and day. Mostly he watches the Power Ranger movie I got him, over and over. Another favorite is Dragon Tales. He just discovered a pair of headphones in the cabinet and thinks its really cool to wear them and watch tv. In addition – he plays lots of educational computer games.