December 10

It is 6am and I am just finishing my watch.  I write my journals in the morning, Jordan writes at night so, dear reader, you may notice similar events in our journals recounted on different days.  

Yesterday was great sailing although we had to get creative in our planned routes to the optimal wind angle. Dead downwind is never ideal and fairly precarious. We tried to use the pole a couple of days ago but it bangs into the foreward shrouds. I think we need a Fore Guy (a rope for you non-sailors) to keep it from swinging back.   

[Later on in the evening]

I am a bit bummed about the engine not being operable. Jordan luckily noticed the tempature right away and shut the engine off before it over heated. Some steel piece on which a wheel for a belt is attached, sheared off. Misalignment?  Its actually really an easy fix we just need someone to weld it.  Nevertheless I do hate being towed into port.  The Queen Jane is not the kind of boat with which you sail into a slip. At least our generator is running! Hey I guess we will have to hang out in Cabo for a couple of days. Life is hard.  

Oh Jordan made an awesome Chinese dish for lunch yummy!  

Perhaps I am just tired. Jonah has been very good but he takes a lot of my energy. We had school this morning and he seemed to really enjoy it. His ability to focus on school work is a bit over an hour which isnt bad for a 4 year old. I am starting to get more comfortable adlibbing the lessons to make it interesting for him. We needed to make lined paper to practice his letters on and he loved the ruler. I dug out a bunch of drafting triangles and some kids ruler/stencil set and he had a blast.  

We are 2 or 3 days from Cabo. Hope the winds pick up. We are really far offshore (100 miles) but we will jibe in when Jordan wakes up.