December 9, 2004

We are here in lovely Pohnape. The only down side is that stuff is beginning to mold! It's very rainy which is why its so green and lovely. We were supposed to leave to go to Nan Madol today but it is too grey and we are going to wait a couple of days till the little low dissipates. We are on a fairly relaxed schedule as we are just sent our mainsail (via Fedex) to New Zealand to be fixed. It hopefully will be a rush job and we will have it back before the New Year. Who knows!

It is Hanukkah and I lucked into a pair of black pearl earring. Jonah got some huge Lego robot which has fallen apart about 5 times and reduced him to tears. I regret that I picked that toy. The second night he got the board game “Clue” and we had a blast playing that. Lots of laughs. Jordan got a Pohnape t-shirt . I think he likes it.

There are lots of movie rental places here so we have watched a ton of movies this last week. We saw “Elephant” and “City of God” recently. Very good. Jonah is happy renting new kid movies like Spiderman 2 and Scoobydoo 2. Lots of 2’s.

We finished school already and Jonah is really starting to improve on his writing. He reads constantly so we hardly work on that except in being able to discuss something you just read.