December 7

I am on the graveyard shift. I am tracking two ships on either side of me that are around 6 miles off my stern quarter and my port bow. I have an almost full moon setting and it is amazing looking big and orange on the horizon. I just realized that I wont be back in the United States for 2 years!!! Wow.  The moon just set and now it is pitch black outside. We are motoring because we want to arrive at San Quentin before sunset. We might sail at dawn if all is looking good. We sailed in the early evening we were going downwind so it was a bit unstable. We put a preventer (ie prevents accidental jibes) but we really needed to pole out our jib but it was dark and doing it the first time in the dark did not entice us. Tomorrow morning we will give it a try.  I get nervous with ship traffic so I am checking radar and sitting in the cockpit looking at lights thru the binnocs.  

Jordan and I are both tired as we worked constantly the last 2 days doing last minute stuff like getting extra passport picture because some countries demand a photo for the visa, produce shopping, purchasing extra canvas, washing the boat etc etc. We would have rested and gone a day later but our friends on True Companion are expecting us with the spare part they need. No problems with nausea but I am wearing a patch for seasickness. The motion is fairly gentle and I have been munching yummies all night long.  

Jonah was bit upset about leaving his friend Spencer. We talked about it and I reassured that it was ok to feel sad but also to think about the fun we are going to have. That seemed to make sense to him.  I let him watch his Dragon Tales tape that his Gammy made for him. He really moaned about sleeping on the bottom bunk in his cabin today. Too bad kid.  I bought him a book on Space and he loves it. He seemed really interested in Science books that are for 10 year olds.