December 6

Here we are in Mooloolaba. It is a fairly nice resort town with a nice Yacht club. We are right across the road from a great beach. It is a bit of walk to get anywhere which is probably good for our waistlines. We have decided to not buy a car due to the expense and just rent a car for our road trip. I am thinking of buying a bike for easy mobility but I really donít have that many places to go so I may just skip the expense.  

Our slip is on the edge of the Yacht Club property and we look on fishing boats which is not the most scenic view from our cockpit but I want to stay here as it seems there are more kids here for Jonah.  

I cant get over the heat here. It is around 96-98 and the sun is wicked powerful. Yesterday I got a touch of heat exhaustion and I felt nauseous and sick.  

The cool thing is that they have wireless internet connections so we have the internet on the boat! This is very cool after years of just text mail via ham and going to Internet Cafes for Web stuff.  

I have signed Jonah up for one day of Dingy Sailing lessons and if he does ok, he will be allowed to sign up for a 8 week course.  We will see.  

Currently he has a 7 year old girl over to play. She is from a boat next door, Danza, which has 4 kids on board a 60 foot boat from Maine.