December 6

We are so damm lucky. We were hit by a freighter on the way to Tauranga. We are lucky to be alive. We managed to be hit in an optimal way sailing a very tough boat which responded in an optimal way. I am coming out of shock but I feel emotionally drained and tired. My back went into spasms this morning. Erika from the boat  “Skive” who happens to be a Physiotherapist came over and worked on my back for 2 hours. She managed to get me mobile.  

To recap the events quickly: We were hit Wednesday night at around 6:15. It was still light out with overcast skies. The seas were calm. I was lying in bed, Jonah was in the salon and Jordan was checking the charts. We were moving at 7.5 knots and suddenly it was as if we hit a wall. I was slammed into the corner but had several pillows around me. The sound of metal screeching and scraping was horrible. Jordan ran up the stairs and I ran to get Jonah to drag him upstairs as I presumed we were going to sink immediately. I kept wondering why there was no water pouring into the boat. I got the boy up and buckled his lifejacket on and threw a blanket over him as he was seasick and cold. I got on the radio and screamed “We have been hit please stop”.  

We managed to limp into a small bay on Great Barrier Island guided by a fishing launch. We tied up to a private dock and collapsed in disbelief. I am not religious and I suppose because of that I am even more amazed at the odds of our luck. Several inches differences and the boat would have been sunk. Our beautiful boat is damaged badly but she is one tough lady. That she sustained the blow of slamming into a huge freighter is a testament to her builders.  

Our friends from Scafhogg helped us so much. They sprang into action organizing and coordinating getting me and Jonah flown to Tauranga and a crew (Anders and another) flown to Great Barrier to help Jordan get the boat to Tauranga under power.  Jonah has been ok but acting up because I think he has been feeding off the emotional roller coaster his parents have been on.  

I guess nothing much matters except for the fact that we are alive. I think I am still dazed. I feel like I have watched the fates throw the dice and I got lucky sevens.