December 2

The generator is ok. The problem has been located  - bad fuel flow. Phew. We are basically now ready to go but need to wait for a spare part for the generator that should be coming in Tuesday.  The two extra days will be helpful as we have some household tasks like washing the boat which is filthy and cleaning out the reefer (fridge/freezer).  

Last night we went and found a local Mexican restaurant which was pretty good. Gavin visited earlier in the day, he thought about staying the night but with Danny here I am short warm blankets. Who knew? I thought I was headed for the tropics. The temp at night is crisp here and one needs 2 blankets.  

Fred and Kathy on True Companion, a CYC 44, are leaving today. They are headed for Mexico and we hope to bump into them again. We are jealous they are leaving but glad for them. They have been trying to leave for 2 weeks but were dealing with some engine issues. They are really a wonderful couple, very relaxed, generous and sweet.  

Barb, Corky and the kids on Jack of Hearts, a Lancer 45, are headed out to Hawaii today. They have taken some crew to help out with the passage. We hope it is a swift and safe one for them. Jonah will miss his friend Dancia although I am relived that there will be no little children “playing” on my boat as they cause choas wherever they go.