December 1

We have not left for Tauranga due to a combination of issues preventing our departure. First our autopilot was not fixed – something else was wrong and we had to wait for a new part and then install it. Second, it has been raining non-stop – a cold miserable rain which soaks you to the bone. I am have flashbacks of Seattle but the rain here is colder. Living on a boat in the rain is rather trying on the crew’s nerves. I want to leave so badly but it sucks to sail in the rain and it is blowing 30 to 40 knots on the coast.  

Its ok to be here but Scafhogg left and we don’t have any other good friends here. We have met many folks that we have met previously so it has been nice in that respect. Some kids are around to play with Jonah but the rain prevents outside play and I don’t particularly want wet restless kids in my boat.  

I did go visit Russell with “Skive”. Hannah, the little girl, is the cutest kid and if I could clone her everyone would want a little girl like her. She likes Jonah a lot despite the fact that she is a worldly six years old and he is five. He is very silly and makes her laugh and we all know that’s the best way to a woman’s heart. I am happy to say that he makes good friends with kids even older ones who put up with his silly behavior because he is so warm and loving.  

We are getting used to the NZ lingo, much of it is very English but with some notable exceptions such as heaps (for “lots of…”), Good on ya ( some sort of way of say “good for you” but used much more freely) and heaps of other peculiarities. No fish at the supermarket but they sell bait fish. I guess we are supposed to be catching our own. Lots of Butchers despite the fact there is meat at the supermarket, people prefer the butcher. Is there some hidden fish store? Miserable newspapers which make the Worcester Gazette seem lively and penetrating in comparison. When Kiwi’s feel friendly they call you “mate”, it is mostly a male thing though. I asked the woman at the Marina office for a GYN Doctor as I wanted a routine annual checkup and she told me that for specialists I had to travel to Auckland , 3 hours away. Ok. I would hate to be pregnant here since I bet an Ob would be considered a specialist. GP’s do everything here I guess but I will wait to travel to Auckland .