November 24

On the whole Australians speak more clearly than New Zealanders do, but I think it is simply that they turn down the Aussie talk when addressing us Yanks. They have a rather annoying habit of making cute little names for things – ie. Aussie, Bundy (Bundaberg), Schoolie (HS Senior celebrating) BUT they say fillet pronouncing it  Fill-et. Zany. They say a lot of English things like Ta and Cheers. Kind of cute.  

We are back in the water and very happy about it. All went fairly well. Our major repairs are all done except for the shaft lock which will be finished on Monday. Its nice to have it done. I am so happy to be back in my bed. I think that’s the thing I miss the most when I am not on the boat. After a couple of weeks in a apartment, the boat does feel small but comfortable. We should be heading south on Wednesday.  

The marina is quieter. Many people have moved on. Some people we know have turned up. “Ion” with Sally and Wayne – actually Wayne single handed it from Vanuatu since Sally tripped in Vanuatu  on a pier and broke her leg! Yikes. She can’t even get on the boat so she is staying at a B&B down the road. All the kid boats left but Jonah seems to be ok having had such heavy socializing earlier in the month. There is one little 9 year old girl from a Kiwi boat but they seem argue a lot as she is rather domineering.  

Sally from “Ion” seems to think Jonah has grown 2 inches and its hard for me to say but he does seem to be huge. I can not pick him up! Its funny because he is so split right now – he is still such a silly baby but on the other hand sometimes seems wise beyond his years. I think we have to outlaw “Daddy Attacks” (roughhousing with Dad) as it is starting to cause serious pain to Jordan.  

We went on a roadtrip today. Drove to the mountains inland – basically rolling hills. Saw 3 kangaroos – 2 “stunned” (ok roadkill) and the one we saw almost became roadkill on the front of our car. Jonah was thrilled that we almost hit a kangaroo. Took back roads meant for a jeep or a rental car which we were luckily driving. Lots of cows and dry dusty roads. Oh, cattle trucks have a pipe out the back to drain cow sewage from truck. Required much window washing to remove from front window. Did around a 250 mile loop. We have seen a millimeter of Australia if you look at big map.