November 20, 2004

It seems incredible but we are still waiting. There has been absolutely no wind OR wind from the west which is the direction we are going. I can not describe how amazingly frustrating it is to wait for wind. I just want to leave! Itís Purgatory.

Our microwave oven ceased functioning suddenly and we moved the boat back to town to go shopping for a new one. This is one of the last places that will be selling 110 amp appliances. We anchored in the southern part of the town near the hotel. At night, a small motor cruiser sunk for an unknown reason and the water had a sheen of fuel and oil on it. We moved back to Anemwanot since we needed to run our water maker as we were low on water.

Yesterday all sorts of weird stuff popped up on the weather charts (like potential storms/cyclones) and we are committed to waiting till itís a bit calmer. I think Monday is looking good.

Today is raining and overcast. We are doing school this weekend in order to have Jonah finish a test for the last 20 lessons and then we are taking a vacation from school for a week or so.

Itís a very lazy day on the Queen Jane although Jordan and I are both incredibly antsy about the weather and wanting to leave. I donít want to say anymore goodbyes to people as we have said goodbye twice or three times to some folks.