November 16

It has been a tough week. A cousin of Jordan’s died and his sister’s father-in-law died. I think being far makes grief difficult. I think the worst is that we would like to comfort family members and we can't. It is hard to grieve on the phone.  

Jonah has had a thrilling week. He had a sleep over at his friends boat and then they all came for a day at the beach and afterward his friend Anthony slept over. They are so cute together. They body surfed in the waves for 3 hours. Afterward at the apartment  they played and talked a lot. Every now I would peek in on them and they would stop talking and look at me till I left. Did I feel like a dumb adult! I guess what surprises me is the seriousness of their conversation. Sure some of it is about toys but they talk about their lives, their feelings and concerns. Jonah is really growing up. After lights there was out a long discussion about what they eat for breakfast. Anthony wanted details.  

School was tough this week. I seem to have hit the ceiling in progress in reading. We are reading stories with lots of words now and Jonah is working hard but doing great. I am going to ease up for a month or so and do so repeat work so he wont get frustrated. A lot of our issues is learning to focus and concentration. He is pretty good and even says to me “Ok Mom – let me focus and figure it out.”  Math is zipping along great and his writing is really good.  

The boat work is dragging a bit. It looks like the end of next week before we move on board. Of course after it hits the water I will have a lot of cleaning to do as the boat exterior gets really filthy in the boat yard and the inside gets really dusty.