November 15, 2004

We are currently anchored at Anemwanot waiting for wind. It is very still and hot AND there is a huge swell outside - a lovely combination. I just recovered from a nasty stomach flu. I hope Jonah and Jordan don’t get it.

The boat needs to be packed up and gear stowed but it’s really no use until the wind comes. We might skip Kosrae as we are running short on time. I think going straight to Pohnape might be a better idea.

Before I left I bought my first pair of reading glasses so I can read the guide books to SE Asia. They seem to be printed for backpackers with good eyes. I would be depressed but I enjoy reading so much it is a pleasure when my eyes don’t get so tired.

On Saturday, the “Australians” (Paul, Allison and their boys Craig and Scott) came over in their runabout and had lunch with us. Jonah, Craig and Scott really enjoy playing together being roughly the same age and temperament. Naturally there is a requisite amount of fighting and complaining (“he’s not playing fair”) and some tears but generally they have a good time.

On Sunday, I went to get a massage from the Yapese lady that massages Allison. The Australian compound is only about 3 miles from here by dingy. The massage is lovely although she works my muscles so deeply I am always a bit sore after. I wanted to stay and chat with Allison but I felt like I was going to hurl from the stomach flu. Allison had it last week and knew what was going to happen. So, I hopped in the dingy zipped back to the boat and crawled into bed with a large, empty, bowl. I am a bit better today although I am not hungry at all.