November 13

Work is going well on the boat. The shaft work is going to come together at the last minute so we will see. We are definitely here thru the weekend which is fine. I am thinking that we will be back on the boat around the 20th.  

Meanwhile I teach school and keep Jonah busy. Jordan goes to the yard every day to manage the work going on and work on his own projects. Jonah has a new “best” friend – Anthony from Juniper. He even slept over his boat the other night! They get on great seem to be on the same silly wavelength. They both have bikes and race around the marina like madman. Anthony’s parents, Peter and Joanne are very nice – and oh Anthony has the cutest little sister, Ella. We have had a beach day with everyone here at Bagara and will probably do another one end of this week.  

We have planned our trip back to the US and will be spending all of March in NYC. We are going to visit Florida briefly. We are eager to see our families again as much has been going on and it will be good to be together again.  

I am falling in love with the awesome weather here – dry, clear and sunny – every day!!! Yes it can get a bit hot but having spent months in the tropics, we are loving it.