November 10

Here we are on passage to New Zealand. We left Musket Cove yesterday. We really enjoyed our stay there, it was very relaxing and fun. Lots of pool time and relaxation. We did some prep work on the boat. “Dragon Lady” showed up and so Jonah got to play with his pals once more time before leaving. They are having their boat hauled and stored in Fiji for the hurricane season.  

I found the infamous leak that has been tormenting us since Wallis. I don’t believe we even mentioned it before as it was the dirty secret. Our bilge was filling around 2 times a day and we had no clue. We looked everywhere and we were coming to the conclusion that we would have to unscrew the floor to hunt the leak down. Luckily I decided to organize my clothes draw and pulled the entire draw out – I peeked and lo there was the refrigerator pump leaking like crazy. Jordan tightened some of the fittings and the leak slowed. The bad news is that last night the breaker on the freezer/fridge flipped and no more cold drinks for us! Jordan thinks it is the pump and we don’t have a spare! Of course – shortly after the windvane broke and the bilge pump in the vberth is on the fritz. I am hoping these things come in three.  

I am working on my sea legs. I am fine and so is Jonah. I am not the most active person before my sea legs kick in but I will get more active as the days pass. We are moving at a nice pace of 7 knots in 4 to 6 foot swells. I am hoping we will get to New Zealand in 7 days which would be awesome. I am excited to see the place.  

We talked to Debbie, Jordan’s sister, and Jon, Jordan’s Dad, on the phone today. That is always interesting to do that when one is in the middle of the ocean.  Jonah is visiting the US over the holidays with his Gammy and will be returned by Jon after 3 weeks. I will miss him but I am glad he will have the opportunity to see some of his family. I am hoping my mom will get to New York to see him.