November 7

Butaritari is a lovely island. We are anchored near the village as we had to check in with the local police. Very quiet and pretty villages. Very green and the people are sweet and nice. We wandered a bit but generally it is incredibly hot so we went back to the boat. 
It was kind of funny because we went to the police man’s house and he was napping. A relative woke him and he complained about the heat!!! Well you know it is hot when the locals complain. 

Yesterday a boat of guys going out fishing stopped and gave us some drinking coconuts. Today they came again with bananas and papaya. They were just being nice. We gave them a huge spool of old fishing line. 

The first day we came – Jonah got to play with the kids from Athanor and Infidium. He is a bit of practice in playing with a group but is working out those issues in a normal fashion. The kid boats left the next day to go to another anchorage and we will hopefully catch up with them – perhaps tomorrow. If not another boat with two boys is headed this way and we are hoping to meet them. 

The heat is overwhelming. We have all our awnings up to make it tolerable but you can not go out in the sun for more than 15 minutes without getting completely baked. It must be around 95 to 100. The water is almost to warm to swim – it is not cooling at all. Our freezer which is water cooled is having a very hard time and we have to check the food as meat keeps defrosting that is leaning against the badly insulated floor and walls. 

I was going to go to visit the school but I taught school to Jonah and by the time I was done it was already blaring hot. Jonah is doing great work. His reading is great and now comfortably reads anything in the second/third grade level. He loves reading Tintin books which we in Vanuatu. Its so funny and old fashioned but still appeals to kids! Of course he is not bombarded with entertainment stuff the way kids are in the states so he is pretty interested in anything. He is thoroughly bored with TV lately having watched all his movies a million times. 

I have to start work on painting our external wood work. Ugh. I think I am going to have to wake up at 5am or I will get heat stroke. I will do our bowsprit on Sunday as it is looking sad.