November 7

It is really hot here. I guess its good because its our last hurrah for hot weather. I have heard that NZ is like Seattle in the summer. Lovely but around the 70’s. The mosquitoes are very prevalent here and our nights have not been as pleasant as hoped. On the other hand – the days here at Musket Cove are lovely. This side of Fiji reminds me of the Caribbean – it is the “Caribbean” for the Aussies and Kiwis who are only 3 hours away by plane. We are really enjoying the pool and we have getting the boat ready for the passage. I am hesitant about over provisioning as vegetables and meat have to be tossed when we reach NZ. They have very strict rules about what is let into their country which is normal since they are largely agricultural and completely isolated.  

Today Jordan took the ferry to Nandi and a Taxi to Lautoka to check out of Fiji. Jonah and I played in the pool and ate lunch at a restaurant.  

The beaches here are some of the best we have seen in the Pacific! Sandy and smooth. Everywhere else it was the coral crunch!  

I just got a package from my Mom with lots of goodies in it. Toys for Jonah – he is in heaven with new Lego. Nice Tshirts (no logos!) and underthings for me! My mom included some magazines and newspapers so we could get a feel for what’s been going on in the US. The horror of the bombing is made very clear in the pictures. All the articles seem to contain a strong vein of self reflection mixed with patriotism. I am glad to see people united but I don’t believe in blind patriotism. I wish we could respond fast and I worry about a long term entanglement in a Vietnam-type war. Lots of young American boys being sniped at by Taliban rebels in the hills. Lots of innocent Afghans being killed. More people hating the US.  Yes war is hell and that is that but if we don’t start fearing hell, we will end up there. I don’t believe we should just be passive but we shouldn’t be passively content with war. The goal of all war should be an ending.  

Anyway, the picture of the Statue of Liberty with smoke where the towers should be just made me cry. One of our goals on this trip has been to sail into New York Harbor past the Statue of Liberty. It will not be the same.