October 31

Itís Halloween here in Fiji , though itís tomorrow in the US . We moved anchorages in the lagoon, itís is huge and contains another small island near the reef called Yanutha. It is easily one of the loveliest anchorages we have been seen. The water is clear and blue. There is diving within two miles with moorings we can tie our dingy to and Jonahís friends on Dragon Lady arrived yesterday.  

I wish we had come here earlier. Who knew? Anyway we are going to leave this weekend trying to beat another low bringing bad southwest winds and get to Musket Cove in the Mamanutha Group of Fiji. We will depart for New Zealand from there.  

We did some dives today. Jordan went in the morning with Darwin . The visibility was poor but they found a wreck at the end of their dive. Jordan and I went back in the afternoon and dove the wreck. It was very cool. Lovely soft corals growing on the rails with lots of little fishes. The visibility was great and after so many bad visibility dives, it was a pleasure to dive clear water.  

I brought out Jonahís Halloween costume that I bought for last year but it arrived late. It is a Batman costume and he loves it. He runs around yelping in pleasure and posing in front of the mirror. Wait to see the pictures.  

I am working on a killer migraine unfortunately. We were hoping to do a lot of dives tomorrow but we will see.