October 29

We are still here in Tarawa. Itís amazing how long everything takes in the tropics, itís as if one is moving in slow motion but time is moving at the usual pace. Jordan pulled a muscle in his back and then we decided to wait for the supply ship for vegetables.

We are very short on water as we havenít been using our watermaker because the water is so full of particulate. We got down to only 30 gallons and all showering and dishwashing was suspended. I did the dishes in saltwater and then did a light rinse with fresh which worked out great. Jonah and I did sponge baths but we were all getting pretty smelly. Lets not even discuss the large mounds of dirty laundry around the boat. Luckily some big squalls came thru the last couple of days and we collected rain water in buckets for washing. Jonah was thrilled about the idea of stripping naked and showering on the deck in a rainstorm. There was much squealing and laughing as he hopped around. This morning there was another shower and I called out ďFree ShowerĒ and he came running. It poured buckets and he got a good rinse. 

We just heard on the radio that two kid boats are headed into here and so we might stay a day or so that Jonah can get some social time and meet them.

We were told there was no more propane and we are worried about running short. This is a bummer since we canít cook without gas! Not to mention we canít buy bread as the bakery is short on flour and they are mixing in some filler and the bread tastes foul. We canít make bread because we are short on gas. I have to buy an electric frying pan as an emergency backup for this type of situation. I think we should consider a bread maker except they are so huge itís problematic as to where to keep it.

Meanwhile, today Jordan went in to ask around and found out a huge propane depot is right in next to the harbor where we park our dinghy. About 10 feet from there and they have plenty of gas, so it turned out it was just one distributor that was out, not the whole island. We are set for gas again and bread baking will commence tomorrow. We still may consider a hot plate or electric frying pan as a backup for the future though.