October 21

Jonah’s birthday was yesterday – wow 4 years old! We had a little party at the Marriott by the pool. Jon and Barbara Bigel (dad and stepmom) were visiting. They took Jonah to Disneyland for 2 days for his birthday. Jonah loved it! Jonah loved all his presents! Lots of toys, books and cool stuff. I think Disneyland was probably the most spectacular of the presents – meeting Mickey Mouse etc and riding cool rides is about as good as it gets for a 4 year old.  

I don’t like downtown San Diego – it is a real tourist trap and isn’t that charming at all. We walked around the waterfront and it was full of tacky postcard stores.

I am so ready to leave the US and head for warm waters. We tried to take Barbara and Jon on a day sail but it started raining,  the waves were probably 4 to 6 feet and it looked like the weather was going to turn uglier. There was a storm moving down from the North. Not your ideal weather for a fun day sail for family. We came back fairly quickly.  The rain just did us in – hell I love a brisk day but I really hate sailing in the rain unless I have to….  

I do miss sailing places – I can't wait to leave. We have some major things to do before we leave: solar panel installation, shaft lock, and a million little things. Oh yeah – food and dry goods provisioning…