October 19

Tomorrow is Jonah’s birthday. It will be big fun. I don’t know what exactly we are doing but am planning and promising big fun. Well, when the audience is five years old, its not too hard.  

Today we went diving on the reef. We had the folks from “Dragon Lady” join us and we moved the Queen Jane to a location right on the reef. It took us awhile to find a suitable location to anchor. The reef we dove on was ok but not great. I did see lots of cool little stuff and those amazing giant clams they have here in Fiji . The inside lips of the clams are all different colors from one to the next as it depends what they eat and the amount of photosynthesis. I saw one that looked like leopard skin! It was fun and the kids played downstairs. Darwin and Mara (crew from Dragon Lady) and Jordan and myself dove and Mary just watched the kids. I was wiped after and ate a big lunch and then collapsed for afternoon siesta. I am really enjoying this island and hope Bengaa is just as nice. Fiji makes great cruising as there are so many islands which enable you to get away from the throng of cruising boats.