October 17

Today we woke up early and set sail for Makongi. Makongi is a small island surrounded by a reef. It is halfway to Mbenga where we are headed.  A yachtie who does charters in Savusavu gave this place rave reviews. We slipped our mooring around 6:30 am in Saveusavu and were out of the bay.  

Our new friends, Dragon Lady, will follow us tomorrow and be joining us for Jonah’s birthday on Saturday. He will be five years old – wow. Long legs and all – he is very much a boy now as opposed to a baby. I love his laugh and his crazy ways. I am very pleased to report that he is growing up to be a wonderful sweet kid. We are going to have a great birthday with presents that have been stashed for months. We have cake mix and frosting, party hats, ballons and noise makers – add strong drinks for the parents and hamburgers for all – it will be a good day.  

The sail here was great. I love the feel of a sailboat compared to a motor boat – bleech. We made great time although we motorsailed to ensure a early arrival. The pass was pretty straight forward – once you find it, it always seems that way!  

We are anchored in the lee of Makongi – there is some swell but it is a lovely spot. We are alone which makes it better! Jordan just did a solo dive around our boat. I sat in the dingy and followed him around for safety sake. In addition he carried a pony bottle of air in addition to the full size tank (with a separate regulator) in case of emergencies. He said it was nice and we will probably all do a dive around here when Dragon Lady arrives.