October 15

We are definitely getting into the groove here. Jonah is doing well at his little school. The teachers are amazed at his verbal precousiouness. The child can talk a blue streak and uses the most amusing phrases like “It seems to me…” or  “I had thought….”. He sometimes has trouble following what the teacher says to do but I think it is part of his perfectionism. In other words, he doesn’t do work that he knows he cant do. For example, they were all asked to draw Zoo animals but Jonah insisted on drawing planets. When I discussed it with him he told me “But Mom I cant draw Zoo animals!”. I talked to him about listening to teachers, how wonderful teachers are and how much they have to offer. He listened carefully and has been doing well at school.  

We see a lot of the Deckers – Corky, Barb and kids (Dancia and Jamie). They are a couple of boats away and Jonah likes to play with Dancia. Although sometimes I wonder why since they spend an equal amount of time arguing as they do playing. I suppose they are at an age where relationships start to become a wee bit more complex. They are contantly tattle telling on each other and trying to “one up” the other. Yesterday I took care of all the kids while the “men” went fishing. It was interesting and several times I silently thanked myself for deciding to only have one. Jamie, 18 months, was actually the easiest. He is a very easy baby, a wee bit behind in verbal skills which is not unsual in boys but he is amazing in terms of physical coordination. The child climbs everywhere and with a great deal of stability – he never fell once all day. Dancia and Jonah were slightly anoying in their fighting and I had to take a breath deep to control myself. I finally told them to leave me out of it and they have to resolve their own problems and I ignored them. It got better immeaditly although not perfect. I do think these early friendships are important to laying down a strong emotional understanding to what being a friend means and how to work issues out.  

The boys didn’t catch much fish so Jordan came back and had to go to the supermarket for some extra fish to round the BBQ out. I had too many Margaritas and retired early.  

I am refinishing our wheel. It is steel but has a wood rim. I stripped it and did the first stage of sanding. It is gorgeous. I have two more stages of sanding to go and then I tape and varnish. The boat needs its weekly thourough cleaning – yes that mean potties and showers. I am busy busy.