October 13

I have been terrible about writing lately. I did the dive on Tuesday and it was awesome. The first dive was amazing – thousands of fish, huge schools of Barracuda, shark and amazing Technicolor coral. Second dive was around 2 large coral heads and I saw lion fish and lots of amazing coral. Those dives are definitely among the top five dives ever in my experience. We hope to go again – this time with Jordan – on Monday as I think it was so amazing.  

Meanwhile we are still figuring out our alternator/electrical problem. We need a need alternator but we might try have it fixed. It is worrisome. We think we are going to try to have it fixed and have a new one shipped to a place 10 days down the line. It will mean moving the boat with a iffy alternator. We have a second alternator but it is a small one and we are worried about putting a load on it. OY. Boats if they aren’t broken they are about to break. I am sure Jordan has written extensively on this topic so I am not going to go into too much. It is mucking with our cruising plans and it looks like we will not be able to go to the Astrolabe Reef. Next year I guess if we do another season in the South Pacific. NOT to mention spending a long time in SavuSavu which all thought it is a cute town isn’t my idea of a place to spend a week. Oh well… so I had a bad cruising day and was very depressed but I bounced back and I realize that after all I am in Fiji and life is pretty good.  

I am glad we aren’t in the middle of nowhere in Micronesia with this problem.  

Jonah is happy today – a boat with two little boys just pulled in so all is good in his mind.

On Wednesday we spent the day at the Cousteau Resort hanging out with some Aussies we met. Jonah had a blast swimming in the pool and playing on the beach. There is no beach in town which is a bit of a bummer.