October 4

Here we are at Wallis stuck in bad weather again! It has been raining constantly and the wind has blown hard on and off. Tonight it is blowing 25 to 35 knots at anchor…yikes…I am on anchor watch. I have no idea what we will do if the anchor gives way in the pitch dark with the wind blowing so hard.  

I do love these French islands as the bread is awesome and the grocery stores amazing albeit very expensive.  

Today Jordan and I hitched to town (in the pouring rain) to try to upload the September photos. They only have 1 T1 line for the whole island so it went kind of slow. Jordan is going to finish tomorrow. The island looks adorable and must be heaven in the sunshine. We would like to see it but considering the weather we will probably dash south to Fiji as soon as the wind lets up a bit. I don’t mind 20 to 30 knots but I don’t think I like 30 to 40 knots much if I don’t have to be out in it. Of course that is what I currently am getting at anchor so perhaps we should leave!  

Friends on “Abel Tasman” took Jonah for most of the day and invited us over for dinner. They are very sweet people and their little girls like to play with Jonah. Thank god. Nothing much to do in lousy weather on a small island.  

Our plans have changed as to what and where we are going recently. We've decided that the route we had planned out is too arduous for us and we are going to make some major changes. Instead of going to Micronesia , The Philippines and Singapore we are going to Fiji and then New Zealand for 4 months of rest and boat work then on to Australia in April followed by Bali , Singapore and Thailand where we will spend 4 months waiting for the proper monsoon to cross the Indian Ocean .  

We've spent a lot of time thinking the last few weeks about the next year. Too many long sails between far away islands. The next section of our planned route calls for *weekly* 400-600 miles trips between each island group. Not only that, the next 5 months of the route is twice the total size (in distance and number of islands) then the last five months. We have shorter times at each stop and longer trips between them.  

Why this basic understanding eluded us for so long we cannot understand, except to assume we were so excited about visiting the places we didn't think about how hard it would be to travel so much of the time. The reason we are traveling is to experience places and cultures in a deeper way than most tourists. We have been fairly successful at keeping a decent pace - spending quality time places but we could not double our pace (which is what would be required for Micronesia ) and triple the miles with out a severe detrimental effect on the trip and the crew.  

Basically we don't want to work that hard and suffer so much (long distance sailing can be arduous and difficult at times). We've been out here a while and we want to slow down and rest. Jordan works really hard sailing the boat and when I am queasy or taking care of Jonah, he is basically single handing. Jordan is very disappointed as I am but we are realistic as to what we are capable. So, we are completely changing our plans and heading to Fiji then New Zealand for some relaxation, marina life and land based touristing for 3 months. We are excited about Fiji and NZ. We will be there from Dec. to mid-April. We will update the Route page of the web site in the next few days.