October 2

We have had a wonderful week! We sailed out to Catalina with Greg and Jacque Carpenter, friends from Seattle and Mark Lindey, friend from LA. Mark just came for the day trip but there was no wind so we had to motor. He grabbed a ferry back once we got to Avalon. We had a lovely time at Avalon despite it being very touristy we stayed 2 nights – Greg had to go back unexpectedly for business. After Greg and Jacque departed we left for White’s Bay- it was a lovely sail. We had a little Shannon Rally and it was fun!  

The other boats were wonderful to see. Mike and Debbie Mullins were the hosts at their Yacht Club’s little beach called Moonstone Cove. Debbie threw a splendid cocktail party for everyone on their boat called Heart Strings. Then we all went to the beach club area for a BBQ. Jonah was a bit difficult that night and we had to leave early. The next day we had a relaxing morning but then I had the great idea of going to the beach. We were dumped out of the dingy trying to go in on the surf – YIKES. We spent an hour cleaning up and then decided to go back. Leaving we were hit by a wave and ended up with water up to our knees. I bailed and Jonah wailed “We are not going to make it!” Unfortunately these were my words right before the wave nailed us and he took them to heart despite my assurances that the worst was over.  

That night we had a BBQ at the beach again and it was wonderful. There were other families there so Jonah played happily with other kids allowing Mom to drink and eat happily. Again, Debbie and Mike were splendid hosts to the large gathering. Read Jordan ’s journals (end of September) for greater details.  

We motored to Emerald Bay the next day – October 1st and feel we have found the most beautiful spot on Catalina. The water is so clear you can see the bottom in 30 feet of water and there are fish everywhere. The Harbor Master here is a friendly Brit who lives onboard his boat with his lovely wife and 4 kids. It is great to finally meet other people with kids who are cruising. They are headed to Mexico in December. Anway lovely kids – Jonah loved playing with them. Today Lawrence took the kids and Moms to the beach while the gentlemen went snorkling/spearfishing. There is nothing more wonderful for a Mom to see your kid running around the beach because you know bedtime will be easy! MaryAnn is a very calm Mom – I think you have to be with 4 kids and she really enjoys being with her children. She has been homeshchooling for years and makes her own curriculum. I think she is correct in this approach as it allows her to tailor the program to the talents/weakness’ of her own children. We discussed some of the most challenging things facing Mom on board – seasickness being the worst and ickiest. The positive with her kids is that they always are able to play with another kid – definitely harder with an only child since the parent becomes the playmate.  

Lawrence gave us a fish he caught – YUM – Jordan cleaned and cooked it fabulously. I am zonked although I didn’t do much today – aah the tough life of a cruiser.