September 29

We are back at Luganville to figure out why our anchor winch keeps throwing off huge arching sparks. Not generally a happy sign of an electrical motor. Jordan will attempt some messing around with the connectors to see if he can resolve issue. I am glad we arenít going anywhere today as I developed deafness in one ear over the last couple of days and it took me a while to figure out I had some inner ear infection combined with a sinus infection. I think it started in my ears and spread. I am on antibiotics and am hoping they will kick in tonight. I feel like a truck hit me.  

I enjoyed our last anchorage and hope to see more of Vanuatu . We are considering options based on our anchor winch. Basically when we anchor, we pull up our chain with this electric winch. Let me tell you pulling up a 100 or 200 feet of ĺ inch chain sucks and sometimes is almost impossible Ė we have never done and donít want to start. Unfortunately all the anchorages here are really deep. Cross our fingers. We are considering go to Noumea in French Caledonia early and see some of that this year and then next year coming back to Vanuatu for the several months.  

Jonah is being naughty today. I think he is bored. School tomorrow! Its amazing how much better he behaves on school days.