September 26

Yesterday we left our mooring on the north side of Aore and tried to go south – well unfortunately the wind was blowing 20 knots from the South which is where we were trying to go. The waves were sharp and steep and we quickly found a new destination on the south side of Aore. It is a awesome anchorage tucked into a reef behind an island. It was a bit nerve-wracking to enter at 7:30 in the morning. We left really early because we thought we had an all day sail. It turned out to be just around the other side of the island. As we anchored – I heard something surface and blow out air. I thought whales but then I remembered the Dugong (ie. a sea cow) that live around here. There must have been three of them but they remained elusive. I finally got a good look at one poking its head up in the water this morning. Check that off the must see in Vanuatu list!  

After we anchored, I decided to read Jonah some more of Harry Potter. It was the last five chapters and I couldn’t stop because we had to find out what happened. I read for two and half hours! We did some school afterward but I was pooped as I had gotten up at 5 am.. Jonah and Jordan went snorkeling and Mom took a nap. We lay around and had a lovely relaxing day.  

This morning I saw a bunch of cows on the beach which makes me think that the beach might be covered in cow dung.

We will probably have to stay here for a couple of more days as the winds still are out of the SE.