September 26

I am ready to leave LA. Enough of cities and the usual American crap! I want to see places I have never seen before. We are going to spend a month in San Diego and I am not sure if I will enjoy it. We cant go south till November 5 end of Hurricane season and is a condition of our boat insurance. Jordan said “ We could have stayed in Seattle longer.” Yikes NO! Rain Rain blech. Ok, I can hang out in San Diego for a month. Great Mexican food, good beaches ok ok ok I will be fine.  

I am really getting into the groove of not working – this is what you working stiffs want to hear – isn’t it? I just enjoy doing simple things like the laundry or boat tasks. I love the pace and enjoyment of each day. When I was working, days would slide by un-noticed and I would be very stressed out about doing a great job at work and as a Mom/wife. I have much less stress and anxiety right now OR perhaps I just have the right kind of stress.  

Jonah is a great kid to hang out with and am surprised how much fun we have. I have started school again! His discipline was awful about sitting down and focusing. I think before school we need a little physical activity so he can get all those sillies out. The Kindergarten course seems very simple for him but it does really emphasize the ability to talk and think about things which I really like. For example, we read stories and then talk about why things happened and review what we read.  

I am currently finishing reading Carlo Levi’s Christ Stopped in Eboli. Nothing to do with Christ – a speculative personal journal of banishment during Fascist Rule in Italy . I love the way he focuses and ponders the everyday existence of the little village around him.  

I am going to start some landscapes as a way of getting my drawing brain back. I will have to get out of the marina otherwise I will draw nothing but boats! Boats are ok to draw just so complex that it makes a strange element in a landscape drawing.