September 24

Yesterday Gavin and Corretta came to visit for the weekend. We went sailing but the wind was light. Jonah really enjoyed playing with their little boy, Trinity. Gavin’s sister and her husband came sailing – they are building a steel Cruising boat and hope to leave in a couple of years.

I was really tired yesterday and I went to bed early. Today Corretta and I took the kids to the beach – a good time was had by all. Two kids on a boat is crazy – there are toys everywhere! Trinity’s favorite word is “mine” which really ticks Jonah off. They have had a couple of verbal arguments which is a scream when you are talking about a 4 year old and a 1.5 year old. Jonah wanted to read the Bug’s Life story book and Trinity wanted the movie so it was “Book!” “Movie!” “Book!” “Movie!” till Jonah settled it with a shove.