September 24

We have really had a terrific time here at Savai'i. The anchorage is so peaceful and lovely. Nothing particular on shore but so relaxing. It has been nice with "Scafhogg" and "Abel Tasman" since they are both kid boats - socializing is easy and relaxed. On Saturday night we had everyone over for meatballs and spaghetti - 11 people total. Wow that's a record for a dinner party on the Queen Jane. Thank god for paper plates! Anetta brought Danish pancakes and we all ate too much. Jordan made fresh bread that day and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jonah went to the beach on Saturday afternoon with Anetta and all the kids. Unfortunately he sliced his foot open on a glass but he generally had a good time. Anetta downplayed it and he was very relaxed when she dropped him off but when I looked at it - yikes! It was a inch or more long slash right at the top of the ball of his foot near his little toe. There was lot of sand in there because he didn't tell anyone for awhile that he cut his foot. Jordan and I cleaned and bandaged it. Today we established that it was not infected and healing is progressing. Unfortunately it has eliminated swimming for Jonah until it closes.

We did some diving outside the pass here and it was great. The first day Jordan and Anders dove and I was the dingy girl. Unfortunately the wind picked up 30 minutes into their dive and I lost them. At 45 minutes when I expected them to surface I couldn't find them. Yikes. I knew I was out a bit far but I figured better to estimate them being out then close to land - hell they can always swim to land if they are that close. At 50 minutes I radioed for help and got Al from Abel Tasman to come out in our dingy after gently suggesting Anetta stay on the boat. I figured if I got hysterical in the next hour, I didn't want another hysterical woman out there with me. I heard the whistle they had but I could not see them. I kept going out to far which was frustrating for them because they could see me! Al even passed them in the pass but did not see or hear them as he was focused on going out to meet me. It took them an hour to swim in to land. OY! I finally saw Anders waving from the little island near the pass.

The next day Jordan and I went and Anders was dingy boy. This time we brought an aluminum pole with a dive flag. It was easy to hold while diving and much more reliable than a whistle. When we came up, Anders was no where in sight but Jordan unfurled the flag and we began slowly swimming to the pass just to cover our bets. Anders apparently saw the flag as he was waiting farther out, about where I was the day before! Lesson learned - always have a flag with you! The dive was really nice, amazing coral formations, very pristine and lovely. Reminded me of the Caribbean.

Jonah has been spending mornings at Scafhogg playing with Emma and Victor. He has fallen in love with their Lego - it is the older kid Lego and I guess he is almost ready to upgrade from the big kiddie Lego. Anetta is very strict with him and he does well with the discipline on their boat. She made him do some school work when he came over and he did good work. Jonah makes them laugh as he is so talkative and emotional - who is he like? The other day he was kissing Emma who finally told him crossly that "we don't allow kissing on this boat!". He loves Annette's pancakes and really enjoys following Victor around because he is the big boy (he's 9). We will miss them as we have enjoyed their company a great deal.